ジョン・フルシアンテが復帰し、黄金期のメンバーとしては16年ぶりとなるアルバム『Unlimited Love』を4月1日にリリースしたレッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズが、早くも次のアルバムをリリースすることを発表した。

アルバムのタイトルは『Return of the Dream Canteen』でリリースは10月14日に全世界同時発売の予定。バンドのオフィシャルSNSアカウントにて次のようにメッセージを発表している。

We went in search of ourselves as the band that we have somehow always been. Just for the fun of it we jammed and learned some old songs. Before long we started the mysterious process of building new songs. A beautiful bit of chemistry meddling that had befriended us hundreds of times along the way. Once we found that slip stream of sound and vision, we just kept mining. With time turned into an elastic waist band of oversized underwear, we had no reason to stop writing and rocking. It felt like a dream. When all was said and done, our moody love for each other and the magic of music had gifted us with more songs than we knew what to do with. Well we figured it out. 2 double albums released back to back. The second of which is easily as meaningful as the first or should that be reversed. ‘Return of the Dream Canteen’ is everything we are and ever dreamed of being. It’s packed. Made with the blood of our hearts, yours truly, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


『Return of the Dream Canteen』
Red Hot Chili Peppers 
10月14日発売 プレオーダーはこちら